The Genie Is Out of the Bottle

If you’re like me, it can get overwhelming trying to keep up with all things AI. There are so many new developments each week and sometimes multiple developments daily.

There are plenty of resources and tools to get you up to speed and spark curiosity, but here are the ones I’ve utilized the most.


Rachel Woods on TikTok
This is what started me down the AI rabbit hole. TikTok is a great place to keep up on all things AI, and Rachel clearly articulates what’s going on. Rachel’s all business.

The AI Exchange
Rachel Woods is the founder and CEO. Membership at AIX has paid huge dividends. I’ve learned so much from the course, but even more from the community jam sessions and Slack channel.

Prompting for AI Ops Bootcamp by The AI Exchange
I learned so much from this course. You will, too. A structured guide to understanding generative AI and prompt writing with practical exercises.

Kyle Shannon on TikTok
My brother from another mother runs the AI Learning Lab on TikTok. Kyle Shannon’s all about the creative uses of generative AI. His passion is undeniable, and he’s been doing TikTok lives every night for the past five months.

Greg Shove at Section
Greg Shove is the CEO of Section, a college education disruptor. I’m enrolled in Greg’s mini-MBA AI for Business Strategy course. They plan to release 50 AI-related courses next year. Being a member gives you access to all the courses and a 30,000-member alumni community with 10,000 current students. Alumni hail from the least to best-known companies in the world. The frameworks are creative constraints on approaching all things business, from product to marketing and now to AI.


The link is to the desktop version, but download the app on your phone and pay $20 per month. They just rolled out Vision and Voice to all users. They have plugins. You can connect directly to DALL*E 3 to create images. This is like 10+ apps for the price of one. Having a conversation with ChatGPT is a total game changer. Just keep asking and instructing until it gives you what you want. When finished, the entire transcript is waiting for you.

It is super simple to upload PDFs and have AI summarize documents. I use Claude to summarize transcripts of Maker Manager Money.

I like using the same prompt in ChatGPT, Claude, and Bard. Sometimes, Bard wins. You can now use it to access your Gmail and Google Workspace.

Other AI and AI-assisted tools I use frequently:

As Kyle Shannon says, “This is the worst these tools will ever be.” All of these tools are only going to get better and better.